Our Blueprint

We are Fexle, and we've built the modern load and equipment matching ecosystem for brokers and carriers. Are you ready for a system that is built from the ground up to work the way you do? Our product is based on a blueprint where the guiding principle is to help you book and fulfill more loads quicker, easier, and with transparent pricing.

Any blueprint requires fundamentals. Ours include:

The best technology

We love tech. Fexle believes in ensuring our product is always built on the latest technology, so it is the easiest and most efficient for you. Zero downtime, instant load times, and continuous product enhancements will ensure you have the widest available options for your business. We believe that technology should not hold you back, and our commitment will always be to improving our product to help you.

Built from the ground up for how you work

Why do you need to be tied to your desk to book loads? Load and equipment matching is a mobile industry. We understand that. Wherever you are, Fexle can help you book loads, provide status updates, and manage upcoming needs. The even better part? Fexle works on any device seamlessly.

Transparent pricing

How come whenever you want to book a load there are hidden fees, or costs for every action you take? With Fexle, the pricing you see gets you access to the entire ecosystem. No cross-border charges, no searching fees, just more loads booked.

Customer service. No actually

An ecosystem is only healthy if it is taken care of. If you need help we will be there. If you want to see something added to Fexle, we will listen and figure out how to add it. We want to build your trust, and will put in the work to do so.

Built in Canada, with Canadian values

Fexle is located in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, which is home to an amazing technology community. We believe in inclusiveness, innovation, and striving to better everything we do. These are guiding values instilled in every Canadian, and how we have built our product.

Community first

As we grow, we will always make sure the community is heard and listened to. We plan on being active with workshops, webinars, and other sessions to learn from us, and other members. Your voice will be heard, and together we can make a better product for everyone.

How does this blueprint sound? Are you interested in becoming a member of building the best load-matching ecosystem? Fexle is live right now! Just sign up and you can test it out. Also, you have the option to become a part of our Builders Club, so be sure to reach out and ask about joining. We have exclusive rewards and perks for being an early adopter of Fexle.

We look forward to you becoming a part of the blueprint!

Team Fexle